A boutique strategic advisory firm focusing
on growth and strategic partnerships.


Trident Advisory is a leading full service business development and strategic partnerships advisory firm working with clients spanning industries and verticals.

We utilize a robust, proprietary method developed over 20 years of advising Fortune 500s companies to thought, industry leaders and top entrepreneurs. We advise on high stakes decisions using a rigorous, creative, out-of-the box approach. We work with companies to identify, prioritize top line growth strategies. We advise on how to launch, implement and sustain successful projects and partnerships.




Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our expertise in strategic business development to help founders, CEOs and thought leaders build and scale their organizations. We break away from the expected applying innovative, cutting edge approaches to breakthrough growth.

What We Do

We serve as trusted partners to our clients focusing on optimizing strategy for the executive leadership team, being the go-to agenda holder and leading the coordination, prioritization, and execution of strategic initiatives to achieve and advance business goals. We work in unisom with the leadership team to spearhead and drive growth, business development, strategic partnerships focusing on B2B channels. We create, curate, prioritize and facilitate a multitude of strategic projects, leading the implementation of solutions across functions.

We work with those who share our belief that leadership is the ultimate lever for positive change and value creation. We believe in an outside-the-box approach to client engagement testing innovative ideas and creative solutions within the firm before being brought to market which allows for measuring the real impact of business strategies before they are proposed to clients. We help clients improve profitability, generate cash, and develop a solid operating foundation for future growth.

Our Services

  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Identifying new growth opportunities
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Market Assessment & Segmentation
  • Reinvention + Pivoting
  • Partnership identification + development
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Product innovation
  •  Marketing Strategy
  •  Joint Ventures
  •  B2B growth channels and initiatives
  •  Business process improvement + optimization
  •  Client and stakeholder facing & Go-To-Market Model
  •  Entering and scaling new markets and client segments

Our strategy specialists will help translate your organization’s aspirational ideas into actualities. We bring your business goals to life across your organization through plans that are holistic, realistic, and adaptable to change.

Enterprises that invest in strong change management set themselves up to thrive. We see transformation as an opportunity to innovate and differentiate. No matter how big or drastic the change in the market, we partner with you to build solutions that guide you to powerful results.

Founder’s Bio

Kristina Alexandra

Kristina Alexandra is a Ukranian-American serial entrepreneur and thought leader in the field of strategy with a passion for building, scaling and growing businesses. She works with a wide variety of clients to identify, curate and execute strategic partnerships, recognize and take advantage of new trends, innovate and enter into new markets.

As CEO of Trident Advisory she works to identify blocks to innovation, transformation for organizations from reaching their goals and to transform them by unlocking strategies to increase and accelerate growth. Her specialty is hyper-growth, B2B, creating long lasting mutually beneficial relationships and taking dreams and ideas to reality.

Kristina is a leader who is called upon by leaders. She has worked with founders, thought leaders, CEOs across industries and verticals ranging from banking, insurance, private equity, telecom, private public partnerships, renewable energy, technology, media.

Kristina has developed a new transformational system she calls 360 strategy that leads to exponential growth. Formerly she was an executive at Morgan Stanley, Zurich Insurance and Moody’s. She was also a founder of Cobra Investment AG, a Swiss based venture capital firm.

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A boutique strategic advisory firm focusing on growth and strategic partnerships.

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